Yehia ElFakhrany – CIC Eygpt

Cape Breton University is proud to honour the legendary Egyptian actor, Dr. Yehia ElFakhrany. Dr. ElFakhrany is recognized as an icon of respectful art in Egypt and throughout the Arab nation. Through his truthfulness, simplicity, skills, exceptional talent, and manners he has been able to challenge and inspire his audiences with powerful and transformative performances.

Aside from his acting career, Dr.  ElFakhrany studied at the faculty of medicine and earned his degree in surgery from Ain Shams University, however, his passion and love for the arts was stronger and deeper and his belief in himself as an actor urged him to leave medicine and start his path in performance.

Yahia ElFakhrany has a distinctive style of acting his bright smile and innocent looks just entered the hearts of people watching him everywhere to realize fame from the early start in the 1960s. Since beginning his career, he appeared in more than 50 television shows, 39 movies and 9 plays, duping two animation films (toy story 1&2) & four children series “Quran Stories”.

Dr. El Fakharani starred alongside Mahmoud A’bd Al A’ziz in “I’dam Mayyit” (“The Execution”) and thereafter his opportunities and appearances continued to grow. His dedication and talent has lead to many leading roles in several memorable TV series including: “Layali Al Helmia,” “Zezina,” and the Opera “A’ida.” Some of his more outstanding roles and performances included, “A’bbass Al Abyad,” “Al Leil wa Akhrah,” and “Nesf Rabe’ Al Akher”, to mention just a few

Dr. ElFakhrany also acted in “Al Khawaja Abdel Kader” and “Wanous” both of which had deep messages revealing the purity and peaceful nature of true Islam, the importance of interfaith tolerance and displaying in a very attractive setting the traditional conflict between good and evil, man and Satan.

Dr. ElFakhrany is not only outstanding in television and cinema but he is a real legend on the live stage. The minute Yehia al-Fakharani appears on the stage his captivating presence is adored by the audience.

Dr. Yehia El Fakharany served his society through his work with dignity and a belief in a clear set of principles, earning the respect and admiration of his fans in Egypt and the entire Arab world. He received more than 130 honour awards throughout his distinguished career path, but the love and respect of the people to him as a Star and as a Person remained crowning all other awards.

Today, Cape Breton University confers the degree Doctor of Letters, honoris causa, a degree full of love, respect and appreciation to a man with an outstanding career to the “GOD FATHER” as his colleagues from the young generation like to address him.  The Amazing Yehia Elfankhrany.