The Barra MacNeils

Doctor of Letters, honoris causa

The Barra MacNeils are six siblings Sheumas, Kyle, Stewart, Lucy, Ryan and Boyd. They dance, sing and play more than 12 musical instruments including the guitar, violin, mandolin, bodhran, Celtic harp, fiddle, piano, bouzouki, accordion, tin whistle, flute and percussion.

As a group, the Barra MacNeils are widely regarded as one of the greatest live concert acts in the Celtic world and have been performing together for over 27 years.  Hailing from Sydney Mines, NS, the family group is deeply rooted in Celtic music, culture, dance, language and history.

As Canada’s Celtic ambassadors, the Barra MacNeils continue to perform to sold-out audiences throughout Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, the United Kingdom and Europe. From headlining major festivals and concerts, to special guest appearances and their annual Christmas tour, they have set the course with a solid foundation for success.

This diverse and talented family group continues to amaze audiences around the world with their captivating vocals, harmonies and extraordinary musicianship. The Barra MacNeils live concert experience brings so much more to the stage than most live acts ever can. Multi-award winners, the Barra MacNeils have released 17 recordings including 2013’s O Christmas Three.

The Barra MacNeils are wonderful friends of CBU, having played at every major fundraising campaign celebration that CBU has held and countless other events.

All of the Barra MacNeils reside on the Island, with the exception of Ryan, who lives in South Africa.