Niazy Abdallah Sallam – CIC Eygpt

Cape Breton University is proud to honour the outstanding leadership and professional career of Niazy Sallam.

Mr.  Sallam was born in Cairo and obtained his Accounting Bachelor Degree from Cairo University in 1973, Sallam’s  family founded Olympic Group to be one of the biggest Small Home Appliances Producer in the Middle East.  Since then, Niazy began his first steps in his successful professional life by enlarging the family business and  adding more Home Appliances factories and Integrated Industries to the Group. The Group has now more than 5000 employees.

Niazy Sallam began his professional career as a Manager at Cairo Integrated Industry, then General Manager of Engineering Products & Agencies Company and in 1978 he was designated as Chairman. He is also Chairman of several Engineering Industries Companies working in Egypt, a position through which he shares his knowledge and expertise.

Mr. Sallam’s  main goal, as a public figure is to participate in the developing and solving various problems in the Egyptian community through various distinguished projects.  Mr. Sallam is the Co- Founder and the Chairman of Egyptian Food Bank, established in 2005,  the  Co-Founder of Egyptian Cure Bank and Member of the Board of Trustees of both the Egyptian Clothing Bank and the  Egyptian Qualification Development Bank.  The four mentioned Banks are being combined to be Dignified Life Banks.

Mr. Niazy Sallam joined many  Charity Organizations such as Masr El Kheir Association, as a Co-Founder and Member of Board of Trustees, 57357 Hospital, as a member of Board of Trustees, Ma’an Association, Co-Founder and Vice President and Liver Transplant Hospital, as Board member. Mr. Sallam Plays an active role also in Wahid Min El Nas.

Mr. Niazy Sallam is married with 3 Children and 10 grandchildren. They all reside in Cairo, Egypt.