Step by step

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Before you begin your application to CBU, we encourage you to review Before You Apply to CBU and follow these steps first.

You will need to create a CBU Future Student Account to submit your application. Once created, please fill out all the required information within the application. All fields marked with a red asterisk(*) need to be filled out in order to submit your application.

i.) CBU accepts Visa and Mastercard as payment for our entrance application.


Please note application fees:
Canadian applicants/permanent residents: $40 CAD
International applicants: $80 CAD


All application fees are non-refundable.


ii.) Once you’ve submitted the application, a link will appear on the submission page. Click the link to be redirected back to your Future Student Account. Here, you’ll see an Action Required status next to your application, under “My Applications”. Click “View” to be taken to the next step: uploading your documents.


NOTE: You should familiarize yourself with CBU’s application deadlines:


Canadian Application Deadlines


International Application Deadlines

i.) You will need to access your application to upload your documents. In your CBU Future Student Account, navigate to “My Applications”. Check your application Status to determine the supplemental items and documents you need to submit such as transcripts, language scores, Letter of Intent, etc. Click the application or select “Edit”.


ii.) You will submit your items under the Supplemental Items and Documents tab. Click the ‘Choose File’ button to select your document. Your file name will appear next to the ‘Choose File’ button. Next, you must select ‘Upload.’ Once you have selected ‘Upload’, your Submission status will change from ‘Not Received’ to ‘Received.’ Your item has now been successfully uploaded.


iii.) Repeat the above process for all remaining supplemental items or documents.

B.Ed. , MBA and BSW applicants are required to complete the Reference Request section.


All other students may skip this step.

Check the personal email you used to sign up for your CBU Future Student Account frequently. Notifications from your Future Student account will be sent to this email address. You can track your application process and receive decision letters in your Future Student account.

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