Important Graduation Information

All students who expect to receive a credential must complete an Application to Graduate (whether you are attending the convocation ceremony or not). The spring 2023 application is now open Compass Student Account. There is a $25 Application Fee. The deadline to apply to graduate for Spring 2023 is Friday February 17, 2023. Please ensure you are registered in all the courses required to complete your degree/diploma/certificate by checking your progress through your Compass Student Account All academic regulations can be found CBU Academic Calendar 

Information for Graduating Students:  

  • More information on the Spring 2023 Graduation will be shared during the Winter Term.  
  • May 18, 19, 2023 are dates dedicated to the Convocation Ceremonies (Ceremony times by program will be released closer to the ceremony date).   
  • The Registrar’s Office will be communicating information on Graduation through students’ CBU email only. Please continue to monitor your CBU email accounts.  
  • The Cape Breton University Senate meets to award all CBU degrees on Monday May 8th, 2023. This is an administrative date only, and is not the date you will attend your Convocation ceremony. 
  • All course work and term grades must be in by the end of term 
  • All fees owing (finance, library, etc.) are paid in full.  
  • Please contact if you have questions regarding graduation.  
  • Still seeking your parchment from a previous Convocation contact

Ensure you information is correct:

  • View your personal and program information in your Compass Student Account to ensure it is correct before you submit your application to graduate. 
  • Name changes: You must provide the Registrar’s Office with official documentation showing a name change. Email 
  • Address changes: You can update your address though your Compass Student Account. 
  • Program changes or additions (including majors and minors): contact you   

Official Transcripts

Unofficial and official transcripts will be available to graduating students.  To request a transcript, please fill out the form here. Please allow 3-5 business days for processing.

Letter of Completion

International students who have completed their studies and plan to graduate in Spring 2023 must complete the graduation application prior to applying for a Letter of Completion. Apply here: Compass Student Account. 

All outstanding fees must be paid in full, including the $25 graduation application fee, before a Letter of Completion is issued.  

Letters of Completion requested before final grades are available, will be not be processed until the student notifies that their file is now complete. Please allow 7 – 10 days for processing.  When complete, letters will be sent to your CBU email account. 

To apply for a Letter of Completion, please fill out the request form here. For questions on Post Grad Work Permits, please email 

Invitation Letter

Please follow this link  HOW TO INVITE FAMILY AND FRIENDS TO VISIT CANADA NEW 2022 (002) for information on how to invite your friends and family for a visit.

Gown Room Location and Hours

This will be determined in April 2023 and communicated to students and posted on the web.  

Academic dress — also known as academic costume or regalia — are the distinctive gowns and hoods worn by all participants (including faculty members and university officials who sit onstage) during a Convocation ceremony. 

Students will borrow Academic Dress from CBU for the ceremony and for pictures.  

Guest Invitations:  

Potential Graduates request invitations for guests when they submit their online application in your Compass Student Account. Each potential graduate is guaranteed a minimum of two invitations but may receive additional invitations pending availability. Please contact the  if you would like us to note your request for additional invitations. 

The number of invitations distributed is based on the number of potential graduates compared to the seating available, by ceremony. Due to seating limitations, you may not receive the total number of invitations you requested. Graduands do not need an invitation to attend the ceremony. Infants and young children, who may be sitting on parents’ laps, still require their own invitation due to fire safety regulations. 

The Registrar’s Office does not maintain a waitlist for invitations. Guests who arrive without an invitation are welcome to wait outside the auditorium to be seated on a first come, first served basis should there be available seating in the auditorium once guests with invitations have been seated. Please note that guests with invitations should be seated at least 10 minutes before the scheduled start of the ceremony.   

Your Parchment  

Your parchment is your printed diploma or degree. This legal document is presented to you when you graduate. Because it is a legal document, it must be printed in the legal name listed on your official student record.  

Any changes to your recorded legal name must be supported with a piece of government issued photo ID. If you wish to change your legal name, please email and attach a scanned or photographed copy of your government issued photo ID that shows your legal name as it should appear on your parchment. The Deadline to change your name for your record is one month prior to convocation.  

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