Dr. Rex Dunn

Cape Breton University is delighted to honour and recognize a leading physician in the Cape Breton community whose dedication and commitment to his patients has built him a reputation of compassionate care and trusted skill, Dr. Rex Dunn. Born in Halifax, NS, Dr. Rex Dunn has practiced surgery for more than 43 years, starting in 1979. He has dedicated his career to advancing vascular care at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital and has cared for thousands in need of vascular care in the region. Dr. Dunn gained his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Acadia University in biology and a Ph.D in zoology from the University of British Columbia. In 1975, Dr. Dunn was accepted into Dalhousie Medical School, where his interest in general surgery and vascular surgery began. Dr. Dunn has held numerous positions throughout his career within Nova Scotia Health. These positions included Chief of Staff of the Cape Breton Regional Hospital, Vice President of Medicine of the Cape Breton District Health Authority, Governor of the American College of Surgeons and President of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia, just to name a few. Aside from his work as a physician, Dr. Dunn has held volunteer positions that have had lasting impacts on the community of Cape Breton. Dr. Dunn has served as Chair of the YMCA Cape Breton Capital Campaign, Vice-Chair of the CBU Board of Governors, member of the Sunrise Rotary and member of the Cancer Care at Home Campaign Cabinet for the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation. Dr. Dunn is also known through the community for his beautiful singing voice and is an active member of the Cape Breton Chordsmen and a member of the quartet, Quattro. DR. REX DUNN One cause very near to his heart are the missions he, with other physicians and experienced OR nurses, all with a powerful desire to give back, has taken to Guatemala. These missions provide care to people who would not otherwise be able to afford the operations they need to live an everyday life. Dr. Dunn is known for his leadership and is a proponent of teamwork and collaboration while providing care to his patients. Currently, Dr. Rex Dunn resides in Sydney River with his wife, Heather. Together they have two sons and four grandchildren.