Dr. Hussain Al Jasmi – CIC Eygpt

Cape Breton University is proud to honour the Iconic Arab singer, Dr. Hussain Al Jasmi, as an exemplary model of how an artist can unify a nation through a sincere message.  National works touching the events in every Arab Country became a tool driving the Arabs together sharing each other’s moments of sorrow, happiness, anticipations and hopes for a better future to this nation at large.

Dr. Al Jasmi has used his talent and gift of a soulful voice to bring people together despite geographical boundaries, differences and beliefs through, overarching themes of love, peace, ethics, hatred of terrorism, destruction and discrimination that was his main line in all his messages drawn for his audience over years of dedication and hard work.

Dr. Al Jasmi has performed at events and concerts all over the Arab world for around 17 years. To become a well-known, loved and respected Arab Super Star with fans from almost every Arab country; especially Egypt, which he now considers his second home.

Dr. Al Jasmi was awarded the highest ranking and official medals by presidents, kings and rulers of almost all the Arab countries on all levels not only as an Artist but also as a human being occupied with the problems of his people, nation and humanity at wide. His Charitable activities, visits to refugee camps and displaced people among many other social activities all over the Arab world was recognized not only on the national level but internationally to be chosen by the United Nations as a ”Senior Good Will Ambassador at Large” to become the first Emeriti and Arab Artist to achieve such an honour. In 2015, he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the Egyptian “Academy of Arab Arts”. He was also ,chosen by World Association for colleagues and trainees of the UN Social and Economic Council in 2016 to be one of the top 20 influential personalities in the Arab World supporting peace, education, tolerance and working against hatred and poverty supporting youth and children all over the Arab World.

In an interview in “the National”, Dr. Al Jasmi described himself as an artist carrying a message delivered by his voice to Arabs all over the world to bring about unity, love and happiness.  He is quoted as saying, “through singing for my country, or for my religion, and through sincere emotions, I am continuing to spread my message. Each song is presented in its rightful time and place.”

Over the course of his largely successful career, his fans and followers will never forget his classic songs including, Bushrat Kheir, Kolona Iraq, O3bod Rabak Hoban la Korhan, Allahom Ant Rabi, Bahebek Wahashtini, ahl Cairo, Al Shab el Masry among many others.

Today, Cape Breton University confers the degree Doctor of Letters, honoris causa, on “ Al Jabal” or “the Mountain” as his fans calls him a man with a big heart full of love to encompass an entire nation – Dr. Hussain Al Jasmi.

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