Student Services

Student Services is all about you, the CBU student.

Your needs can vary from simple to complex, so we have a wide variety of services on campus and helpful staff to assist, guide and direct you to get most out of your overall campus life experience and accomplish your educational goals.

A well-rounded approach

As a CBU student, we think your experience should be personally and educationally rewarding. That’s why the services we provide address more than your academic challenges—they also tackle the physical, emotional, spiritual and social challenges that can make a difference to the level of success you achieve.

Before you begin your studies at CBU, you’ll meet with the support staff at the First Year Advising Centre (FYAC) to review your program requirements, select your courses and prepare for registration. But, your journey doesn’t stop at the FYAC and neither does our supports. As a CBU student, you’ll have access to many student supports throughout your entire time at CBU.

Frequent Requests

Current or former CBU students who require any of the following documents must submit a request by clicking the button below.

  • a Parchment Replacement
  • a  copy of their Transcript
  • a proof of Enrolment Letter


Providing the support you need

  • Academic Support Services
  • African Nova Scotia/African Canadian Support Services
  • Employment Services
  • International Student Support Services
  • Accessibility Support Services
  • Health & Wellness