CO-OP Education

What is CO-OP?

The CBU Co-operative Education Program is an excellent opportunity for students to combine their academic study with work experience and discover their passion. While working with a mentor in their field of study students will earn a wage, academic credit* and gain self knowledge, confidence and a competitive edge for future employment and/or educational pursuits (eligibility varies by program).

By joining the CBU Co-op Program you will:

  • Develop valuable job search skills
  • Learn about yourself and your goals within your chosen field
  • Identify your preferred work environment
  • Discover how your degree applies in the workplace with support from faculty members
  • Broaden your network/contacts with professionals who can provide career mentorship
  • Return to studies with relatable experience, confidence and self-knowledge!

How does CO-OP work?

  • Each work term consists of a full-time paid position that is a minimum of 12 weeks and/or 420 hours in length
  • Co-op Work Terms can take place in the Fall, Winter or Summer
  • You can arrange your own job and/or compete for positions posted by Career Services
  • You can work locally, nationally or internationally
  • While on Co-op, you are still considered to be a full-time student by both CBU and Canada Student Loan
  • For every work term you complete, you will be registered in a co-op course and pay the 3 credit course tuition fee. Registration in the course maintains your full-time student status with the university and is mandatory. You will receive 3-credits per co-op course which count toward your elective credits* (*varies by program).
  • While on your Work Term you will complete the following academic course requirements: creating initial goals/objectives with your employer, completing bi-weekly logs, a site visit by your Student Placement Officer, a final evaluation by your employer and a final reflective Work Term Report connecting your studies to your work experience.
  • This is a Pass/Fail course that will be graded by a faculty member from your discipline. Your grade in this course will not impact your overall GPA.
  • CBU follows national guidelines as defined by CEWIL. To earn a Co-op Degree credential, students must successfully complete 3 Co-op Work Terms (4 yr degree), 2 Co-op Work Terms (3 yr degree), 1 Co-op Work Term (2 yr, 60 credit, diploma).
  • You can take Co-op Work Terms back-to-back. Students must return to full-time studies for a minimum of one full-time semester (9 credits) prior to graduation.

Who can apply to enrol in the CO-OP Program?

  • Bachelor of Arts, 3 and 4 year degree programs, all disciplines
  • Bachelor of Arts and Science in Environment, 4 year program
  • Bachelor of Arts Community Studies, 3 and 4 year programs, all disciplines (replaces Work Placement Core Courses COMS 2101/3101)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, 4 year program, all disciplines
  • Bachelor of Engineering Technology, 3 year degree program only, available to Petroleum and Electronics & Controls concentrations only (*course credit not earned in this degree program)

How to Apply?

The Co-operative Education Program is delivered through the CBU Career Services Department. For more information and to join Co-op, contact your Student Placement Officer:

  • Peggy Gordon, Student Placement Officer (BA and Social Sciences, BSc, BASE, BET and Public Health)

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