For Employers

The Co-operative Education Internship Program provides opportunities for students to secure meaningful employment experiences through co-op placements. There are over 300 students involved with work-experience programs each year.

Below are some of the reasons why employers benefit from recruiting a CBU co-op student:

  • CBU students bring new ideas and viewpoints to any workplace.
  • Allows employers to train and mentor their future colleagues.
  • Provides employers with students that are eager to work and succeed.
  • Allows employers to address staffing needs due to vacations, sick leave, etc.
  • CBU students must obtain at least a 70% average to be eligible for the co-op program. This means that employers have their pick of the best and brightest students CBU has to offer.
  • Students are both engaged and passionate about their program and have knowledge and training specific to employers’ needs.
  • Co-op employers are eligible to apply for subsidized funding support(50%).

Whether employers are looking to recruit future employees or fill a part-time position, CBU students are the perfect addition to any business. The CBU co-op program is the perfect opportunity for employers to connect with a body of students. It doesn’t matter if a business is located in downtown Sydney, N.S. or in downtown Toronto- employers can rest easy knowing that CBU students are available and ready to work.

To post a job and get involved with the CBU co-op program, send an email to nadine_ratchford@cbu.ca

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