Writing Centre

Become a More Effective Writer

Writing is a skill that you’ll rely on throughout university. From essays to exams, the ability to effectively express your discoveries and thoughts will help you succeed.

All writers can use the help of a thoughtful, knowledgeable reader, and that’s where CBU’s Writing Centre comes in. Visit us for free, one-on-one sessions to discuss ways to strengthen your writing skills.


At the Writing Centre, we’ll:

  • show you how to decipher assignment instructions and make a writing plan
  • teach you guidelines for different writing tasks, such as a literature review or introduction paragraph
  • identify strengths in your writing and show you areas where you could improve
  • talk with you about how to organize your ideas
  • help you learn how to incorporate and cite sources
  • and answer any writing questions you have!

If you have questions about the Writing Centre, please email writing_centre@cbu.ca or call (902) 563-1325

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