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Purdue OWL Research and Citation Resources: Up-to-date APA, MLA, & Chicago citation guidelines

More APA Style

The Basics of APA Style tutorial from the American Psychological Association

APA Style Home’s Quick Answers: Formatting and Quick Answers — References

APA Style Blog: answers to APA citing and formatting questions from APA style experts

APA Quick Guide

More MLA Style

MLA Quick Guide

More Chicago Style

Chicago Quick Guide

Comprehensive Writing Help

The OWL at Purdue

Essay Writing

Introduction Writing Strategies

Conclusion Writing Strategies

Reading to Write

Reading Strategically

Active Reading Strategies

Record-Keeping and Note-Taking Strategies

Online Dictionaries

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Online



An interactive plagiarism tutorial from Longman

Writing Centre Academic Integrity Pamphlet


Using Articles – A, An, The

The University of Ottawa’s online grammar course, Hypergrammar

The YUNiversity: Learn about common grammar rules and mistakes through cartoons, videos, & infographics

ESL-Specific Resources

Learning English with the CBC
BBC Learning English

For Fun

Free Rice: Help fight hunger by answering English grammar and vocabulary questions

The Word Detective: Find answers to questions about the origins and meanings of words and phrases

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