Unama’ki College

Learning and Growing Together

For nearly 50 years, Unama’ki College has been the vibrant heartbeat of Indigenous education at CBU. Unama’ki College offers an environment that embraces the knowledge, wisdom, and traditions of the Mi’kmaq; from faculty and staff who speak Mi’kmaw, to academic courses and programs delivered in Mi’kmaw communities, Unama’ki College has much to offer Indigenous learners.

Even though our specialty is in Mi’kmaq teachings- we are open to all CBU Indigenous learners and offer a safe and welcoming space for all Indigenous Peoples from across Turtle Island.

Respect For the Past, Excitement For Tomorrow

As an Indigenous student attending CBU, you will love Unama’ki College and make memories here to last a lifetime. Along the way, you will receive a world-class education with insightful courses, access to a Knowledge Keeper and Kisiku on Campus, and dedicated space for Indigenous studies and research, all while surrounded by a wealth of Mi’kmaq culture, knowledge and traditions.

At Unama’ki College, we walk alongside you throughout your learning journey. We are here to provide support and guidance you need to succeed. Be yourself, set goals, commit your time, and bring it to life!

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