African Nova Scotian/Canadian Support Services

CBU’s Student Development Officer for Students of African Nova Scotian and African Canadian Descent: Dionne Romard

The role of the Student Development Officer (SDO) for students of African Nova Scotian/African Canadian (ANS/AC) descent promotes and honours the diversified culture of the ANS/AC students at Cape Breton University. The SDO mandate is to ensure that students are supported, guided, and encouraged throughout their post-secondary journey. This is accomplished by providing and celebrating African Culture through a variety of on-campus activities and events, providing one-on-one and group support to ANS/AC students, and advocating on behalf of students to various stakeholders.

Addressing students’ needs is the utmost priority of the SDO and we believe that with persistence and a tailored one-on-one experience, students will be able to thrive and succeed throughout their academic careers.

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In addition to providing specialized assistance, the SDO for ANS/AC students also works to:

  • Foster time management, organization, and study skills for students who may be struggling in these areas;
  • Connect students with resources and tutoring services, and, on request, sit with students while receiving advice from faculty on course selection and advice;
  • Connect students to volunteer opportunities, as well as peer mentorship, career mentorship, and other services and opportunities within the broader Cape Breton community;
  • Be a Key liaison with the Community United for Black Education (C.U.B.E);
  • Host on-campus events and work with stakeholders to facilitate events that promote culture and diversity at CBU; and,
  • Organize student orientation, resource days, and university tours for high school students.

Available Resources

  • Employment Opportunities
  • Financial Opportunities
  • Community Organizations Network
  • Graduate Degrees Information (Law, MEd, PhD, Sciences)
  • Student Networks and Societies
  • Mentorship and Coaching
  • Volunteering Opportunities

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