African Nova Scotian/Canadian Support Services

CBU’s Student Development Officer for Students of African Nova Scotian and African Canadian Descent

The role of the Student Development Officer (SDO) for students of African Nova Scotian/African Canadian (ANS/AC) descent promotes and honours the diversified culture of the ANS/AC students at Cape Breton University. The SDO mandate is to ensure that students are supported, guided, and encouraged throughout their post-secondary journey. This is accomplished by providing and celebrating African Culture through a variety of on-campus activities and events, providing one-on-one and group support to ANS/AC students, and advocating on behalf of students to various stakeholders.

Addressing students’ needs is the utmost priority of the SDO and we believe that with persistence and a tailored one-on-one experience, students will be able to thrive and succeed throughout their academic careers.


In addition to providing specialized assistance, the SDO for ANS/AC students also works to:

  • Foster time management, organization, and study skills for students who may be struggling in these areas;
  • Connect students with resources and tutoring services, and, on request, sit with students while receiving advice from faculty on course selection and advice;
  • Connect students to volunteer opportunities, as well as peer mentorship, career mentorship, and other services and opportunities within the broader Cape Breton community;
  • Be a Key liaison with the Community United for Black Education (C.U.B.E);
  • Host on-campus events and work with stakeholders to facilitate events that promote culture and diversity at CBU; and,
  • Organize student orientation, resource days, and university tours for high school students.

Available Resources

  • Employment Opportunities
  • Financial Opportunities
  • Community Organizations Network
  • Graduate Degrees Information (Law, MEd, PhD, Sciences)
  • Student Networks and Societies
  • Mentorship and Coaching
  • Volunteering Opportunities

Kwanzaa: December 26, 2021-January 1, 2022

Kwanzaa takes place each year from December 26 through January 1 and is a festival of lights rich in African symbolism. This joyous holiday draws inspiration from time-honoured African customs and symbols, many related to harvest celebrations and community ideals of shared work, purpose, creativity, possibility, faith and celebration of togetherness.

This year’s Kwanzaa theme is “Practicing Kwanzaa and the Seven Principles: Ensuring the Well-Being of the World”. To learn more, please click here.

From everyone at Cape Breton University, wishing you warmth and togetherness this Kwanzaa!