Indigenous Tourism Resources

Cape Breton University has been working with Indigenous communities across Canada for more than forty years. As leaders in Indigenous education, CBU has enhanced the many tourism, business, historic and cultural resources available. Students, researchers or other individuals and organizations interested in learning more about creating and nurturing unique partnerships with Cape Breton University can draw upon the wealth of knowledge resident within Unamaki College, the Purdy Crawford Chair, the Mi’kmaq Cultural Research Centre, and the Mi’kmaq Language Lab.

Numerous academic programs are available at CBU including a First Nations Option in our very popular, one-of-a-kind Masters of Business Administration in Community Economic Development as well as in our Certificate in Mi’kmaq Cultural Heritage Preservation.  Courses are designed to familiarize Indigenous and non-Indigenous students with Mi’kmaq history, language, culture, traditions, and socio-economic development of the Mi’kmaq First Nation. The goal is to prepare students for careers in government; public and band administration; legal and education sectors and health sciences.

The L’nu Resource Centre, part of the Unama’ki College family at Cape Breton University, is a repository of documents and a dedicated space for Indigenous research at CBU. Many of the resources are available online and so widely accessible to researchers near and far.