Degrees & Programs

Mi’kmaq Studies Program Options:

For detailed information, see the Academic Calendar

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree, concentration or major/minor in Mi’kmaq Studies
  • BACS program
  • MBA (CED) First Nations Option
  • Certificate in Mi’kmaq Cultural Heritage Preservation
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree (concentration or major/minor) and BACS Degree
  • 3-year BA General Degree
  • 3-year BACS General Degree
  • 4-year BA Major Degree
  • 4-year BACS Major Degree

For detailed information, see the Academic Calendar

Offered by the Department of Heritage & Culture, Mi’kmaq Studies courses are designed to familiarize Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students with Mi’kmaq history, language, culture, traditions and socio-economic development of the Mi’kmaq First Nation.

Cape Breton University is the leader among Maritime institutions in the delivery of Mi’kmaq language courses. Our signature course, English-Mi’kmaq Comparative, provides students with the skills needed to operate in a university atmosphere. Other courses are designed to give students sufficient background to succeed in the workforce at all levels.

These programs help prepare students for careers in government; public and band administration; legal and education sectors; as well as graduate studies geared towards teaching Mi’kmaq language, culture, history and traditions at the university level.

For a full list of Mi’kmaq Studies courses,  see the Academic Calendar

MBA (CED) First Nations Option

Cape Breton University’s MBA in Community Economic Development is the only MBA program in the Americas that aims to deliver advanced business knowledge and skills in the context of the community and the world.

The curriculum includes all business subjects found in traditional MBA programs, and covers economic development, leadership, strategy, governance and management of change.

The MBA in CED aims to develop a new generation of leaders who have strong business management capabilities, well developed collaborative and interpersonal skills, and deep knowledge of accountability, social responsibility, and development issues and practices. Graduates are equipped with the knowledge and skills to make a difference in leading organizations in an increasingly global community and economy.

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Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) Aboriginal Education Concentration

Students completing a B.Ed. may choose the Aboriginal Education Concentration.
The Concentration was designed in collaboration with Unama’ki College. It provides students with an in-depth knowledge of the theory and practice of aboriginal education models with a key focus area on aboriginal language acquisition and second language teaching.

Students will complete all requirements as outlined for CBU’s Bachelor of Education Program for the common core and secondary/elementary core. Additionally, students will complete 12 of their credits of elective courses within the Mi’kmaq Focus Electives. For further details see the Academic Calendar.