Kji-keptin Alexander Denny L’nui’sultimkeweyo’kuom



Kji-keptin Alexander Denny L’nui’sultimkeweyo’kuom (KADL), the Mi’kmaw Language Lab located at Unama’ki College, is the centre of Mi’kmaw language education at CBU. It is named after Kji-keptin Alexander Denny from Eskasoni First Nation, a man with great vision and determination who believed that the Mi’kmaw language was key to his nation’s prosperity.

Mi’kmaw language courses offered in the KADL can be found in the MIKM course catalogue

Other Indigenous studies courses can be found in the INDG course catalogue.

Historically, during the academic terms and during the summer, the Mi’kmaq Language Lab hires Indigenous students on grants giving the students both jobs and research experience. 

About Alex Denny

A Tribute to Alex Denny (English Version)
A Tribute to Alex Denny (Mi’kmaq Version)


The Kji-keptin Alexander Denny L’nui’sultimkeweyo’kuom (Mi’kmaq Language Lab) is located within Cape Breton University’s Unama’ki College, which is situated next to the Boardmore Playhouse. The Mi’kmaq Language Lab is wheelchair accessible; parking is available for $1.00 (daily rate).



Kji-keptin Alexander Denny L’nui’sultimkeweyo’kuom (Mi’kmaq Language Lab)
Unama’ki College, Cape Breton University
P.O. Box 5300, 1250 Grand Lake Road
Sydney, N.S. Canada
B1P 6L2


902-563-1871  (Unama’ki College Secretary)



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