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Welcome to the School of Education and Health.

We are a vibrant community of passionate educators and experienced practitioners who value education and health sciences as integral to the creation of sustainable and healthy communities. Guided by CBU’s graduate attributes, we offer learning opportunities that support the development of active and responsible citizenship through the cultivation of creativity and curiosity while encouraging the highest levels of professional integrity. We do this by centring our students and valuing them as citizens of both local and global communities.

Whether you join us in one of our many teacher education programs, or in public health, occupational health and safety management, or nutrition, you will find supportive educators who are dedicated to learning alongside you. This commitment is evident at all levels of designations offered: bachelor programs; post-baccalaureate diplomas; certificates; graduate diplomas; and graduate degrees. In all of these programs, our focus is you — ensuring that your learning experience is deeply rewarding while preparing you to contribute to your own communities both at home and abroad. Valuing diversity of perspective as a rich source of learning, we are deeply committed to fostering socially equitable spaces, and we centre this commitment in our courses, programs, and community contributions.

Cape Breton University has the distinction of having been born of community commitment, and this legacy continues to drive us forward. We are delighted your curiosity and hope led you here, and we look forward to the privilege of learning with you.

With best wishes,

Ellyn Lyle, Ph.D.
Dean, School of Education and Health

Make a Difference

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of quality training in health care and education. CBU’s School of Education and Health (SEH) is dedicated to giving students the skills and knowledge they need to make a difference in people’s lives and shape the future. SEH trains students to be on the front lines of these essential services.

SEH students get much more than just informative, in-class lectures, they get hands-on experience. CBU has strong relationships with the Nova Scotia Health AuthorityCape Breton-Victoria Regional Centre for Education and Government Departments, providing students with access to world-class on-site practicums and formal training.

Through these real-life working situations, CBU students graduate with the confidence to make a difference in a meaningful career. Whether you want to be a dietician in your local hospital, or educate our next generation as a teacher, CBU helps you reach your goals.

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