Ellyn Lyle

Dean, School of Education and Health

Ellyn Lyle, Ph.D., grew up in Eastern Canada where she developed a deep appreciation for both community and nature as well as the wisdom possible in witnessing their rhythms. These formative experiences taught her to think deeply about humanness and how our ways of engaging with the world and each other create benefit or harm. When she entered the field of education more than 25 years ago, she brought these contemplations with her valuing them as rich sources of continuous growth and insight. Having worked across multiple education contexts, she has remained intensely interested in supporting the development of students and teachers as they contribute to socially equitable and sustainable programs. Although Ellyn has spent the last ten years in academic leadership, she has remained active in teaching and research. The use of critical and reflexive methodologies has informed multiple publications in the following areas: lived and living curriculum; intersections of self and subject and their implications for