Research’s Frequently Asked Questions

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Research FAQs

Where can I find information on…

For updates on funding opportunities, a weekly Research Bulletin is available. We aim to keep you informed of Tri-Agency and related funding, as well as Research Nova Scotia opportunities, and industry partnership funding programs. To receive the Bulletin via email, contact and we’ll deliver it to your inbox.

The Office of Research & Graduate Studies (ORGS) works closely with the Finance Department to make sure that Research Accounts are opened and managed to the benefit of research, and in accordance with governing bodies and policies.

ORGS does not manage research accounts, but it does play a role in reviewing and approving many research purchases and costs.

ORGS can help you plan your research budget, and Finance is also a good place to go for questions about eligible expenses.

If you have research funding, the processes outlined in the Researcher Handbook will give you the information you need to ensure you research program is on track. The Finance Department continues to be a helpful resource, eager to support your success.

The ORGS can assist faculty seeking funds to hire students, post-docs and other research assistants. Reach out and we’ll help you start the hiring process. The Human Resources Department is the main contact; we can put you in touch with their friendly staff, who will help you understand employment guides and policies, ay scales for hiring undergraduate students, requirements for vacation pay and other hiring details.

Visit Resources on the intranet for more information.

Internal funding is available through a few sources.

1.) Research, Innovation, Scholarship and Exploration (RISE) Grants.

View complete information on CBU’s competitive RISE grants here.

2.) Start-Up Research Grant

CBU helps new faculty set their best foot forward with a Start-Up Research Grant of up to $10,000. View complete information on the Start-Up Research Grant here.

3.) Travel and Conference Funding

Travel and Conference Funding is managed by the Schools. Contact your Dean or School Secretary for more information.

4.) Professional Development

Faculty have access to a PD-fund which is managed by the Schools. Contact your Dean or School Secretary for more information.

To access services, partnerships and funding opportunities, check out our Get Started page.

At CBU the safety of our research staff and faculty are of primary importance.

Two important health and safety-related bodies that researchers should familiarize themselves with include:

The Institutional Biosafety Committee, and the Biological Safety Officer, ensures compliance with Public Health Agency of Canada’s regulations regarding biohazards, biosafety and biosecurity. The IBC reviews and approves any teaching and research that deals with microorganisms at CBU. The current CBU Biological Safety Officer is Paul MacDougall, Senior Instructor II, Health Sciences Department. The IBC, through the BSO, reports directly to the Vice-President, Academic, Dr. Richard MacKinnon.

Biological Safety Officer (CBU) – 2021 Yearly Report to IBC and VP-A.

The ORGS team is available to support your research projects, beginning at the conceptual stage, through to the submission of funding applications. In order to provide global feedback on your application and meet administrative requirements, funding applications must be submitted four weeks before funding agency deadlines. For more details, email