Every student is different. Every student has their own path to success, their own life journey.

At Cape Breton University we give transfer and mature students, like you, the choice to complete or advance your educational goals in a way that makes sense. It’s a way that fits your lifestyle, responsibilities, timeline and goals. Because continuing your education doesn’t come with a one-size-fits-all solution.

CBU lets you do it your way.

So, let’s get started.

CBU Transfer Student Handbook

Your way to a fast tracked degree.

Like many institutions, CBU recognizes education completed at other post-secondary institutions. Students who have been successfully admitted to CBU and who already have some education behind them can apply for transfer credit.

Transfer credit is awarded for any course a student has successfully taken that is a good match with a course offered by CBU. Students can then use these credits to fulfil up to 50% of the requirements for their CBU degree.

Advanced Standing Requirements

Transferring to CBU Checklist

Please make sure you’ve completed each step in the Transfer process.

STEP 1.) Apply to CBU and pay the associated fee. On your application, make sure to list every institution you attended, even if it was only for a few credits. Transfer credits will only be awarded to successfully accepted students.

STEP 2.) Students must upload official post-secondary transcripts and/or supporting documents to the application portal after submitting their application. Applications cannot be processed until this step is complete.

STEP 3.)
Accepted students will receive either a decision letter (for Domestic students) or a notice of acceptance (for International students).

STEP 4a.) Students must provide course descriptions for all courses they wish to be considered for transfer credit. Course descriptions can be sent by e-mail to transfer_credits@cbu.ca.

STEP 4b.) Where documents are not originally in English, the student will provide documents with notarized translations, in additional to original documents. Please make sure that the grading method is listed on your official transcript; credit(s) and study hours per course should be clearly noted on the course description.

STEP 5.) Wait to receive your results. Applications will be processed 4-6 weeks after receiving all documents, and you will receive results in the application portal.


Still have questions? Review our Transfer FAQs or connect with a CBU Recruiter.


Transfer Credit Assessments must be received by:
Fall Intake – July 31
Winter Intake – October 31
Spring Intake – March 31

Success Stories

I’ve transferred, now what?

Congratulations on being accepted to CBU! We have prepared an Accepted Student Checklist that details everything you will need to prepare for the first day of class.



Time for a change? We'll get you there.

For many, life takes unexpected twists and turns and the goals you’ve set out for yourself can be put on the back burner as other priorities emerge.

At Cape Breton University there are no maps, no right or wrong paths to success. There is only your way. CBU welcomes all students, past and current, with an interest in continuing their education. Credits do not expire, so picking up where you left off is easier than you think.