Applying to CBU: A Step-by-Step Guide [3min Read]

Applying to university is an exciting time but with so many postsecondary options to choose from, it can be an overwhelming process. In fact, many students apply to more than one university early-on and make a final decision on what university to attend closer to the start-date of their studies. If you’re still wondering what universities you should apply to, check out our blog: 5 questions you should ask yourself before applying to a university or college.

If Cape Breton University has made your short list of universities, keep reading for a step-by-step guide on how to apply to CBU.

Step 1 – Review our Admission Requirements

By now you may already have an idea of what program you’d like to study, but if not, be sure to visit our Academic Programs page for more information. Then, when you’re ready, make sure to review the program’s admission requirements. Once you’ve decided on a program and checked out the requirements, it’s time to apply.

Step 2 – Fill Out an Application and Submit

At this stage of the application process, you’ll only need your personal information and approximately 20 minutes to spare. So, find our application online, grab your favourite beverage and/or snack and get started!

Note: Paper or PDF applications are no longer accepted.

Pro Tip: If you’re a Nova Scotia high school student, skip step 4 by having our Enrolment Services Professionals request your transcripts directly from your high school. Simply check the consent box on the application.

Step 3 – Pay the Application Fee

After you’ve completed all fields of the application, you will be asked to provide credit card information to pay the application fee of $36 for Canadian students and $103 for international students. Hang on to your receipt by printing or saving a digital copy, just in case.

Step 4 – Send Your Official Documents

Now that you’ve answered all the questions on the application and completed payment, it’s time to send us your official documents. This step involves a little more detail, so please read the following notes carefully.

Domestic (Canadians and Permanent Residents of Canada) and Transfer Students must submit transcripts to from any high school/postsecondary institution you’ve attended.

International Students must submit transcripts to from any secondary/postsecondary institution you’ve attended, as well as English Proficiency Scores.
Documents can be mailed to: Enrolment Services, Cape Breton University, PO Box 5300, 1250 Grand Lake Road, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada B1P 6L2

Note: To be considered official, a document must meet ONE of the following criteria:

  • Sent directly from the issuing institution to CBU. Official transcripts can be mailed, faxed, scanned or emailed but must have an official seal from the issuing institution.
  • Sent from the applicant to CBU in an un-tampered, sealed envelope bearing the stamp of the issuing institution.
  • If an official transcript cannot be obtained, a notarized copy of the original document bearing the stamp and signature of the Notary Public or Commissioner of Oaths may be accepted.

This next step is for those applying from another postsecondary school. If you’ve never attended college or university, skip to step 6.

Step 5 – Apply for Transfer Credits

If you are a student coming from another postsecondary institution, you may be eligible to receive transfer credits. To apply for these credits, fill out a Transfer Credit Assessment Application form and submit to

Step 6 – Check Your Email

Congrats, you’ve completed our application process! If you’re applying as a Canadian student, you’ll hear from our team in approximately two weeks. If you’re an international student, your application may take 5 weeks to be processed. Either way, we’ll be in touch by email as soon as possible.

There you have it: Six easy steps to get started with your journey at CBU. We’re excited to have made your top choices of post-secondary studies and we hope to meet you soon!