Transfer FAQs

Transferring to CBU FAQs

Can I apply for Advanced Standing?

Cape Breton University’s Residency Policy requires that at least 50% of any program’s requirements be completed at CBU. Both on-campus and online courses (or a combination of the two) can be used to meet this Residency Requirement.

Applicants applying to CBU are eligible to receive up to a maximum of 50% of their program’s requirements (some exceptions apply) through credit awarded for learning experiences external to the university.

All first-year and second-year credit courses offered at all other Canadian universities will be considered for credit at CBU, with the following limitations:

  • A minimum of 50% of the courses must be completed at CBU in a degree, diploma or certificate program, unless stated otherwise in the program descriptions.
  • Credit transfer is distinct from admission and decisions with regard to admission to remain the prerogative of CBU.
  • The specific program requirements of CBU must be met. An otherwise acceptable transfer credit may not be usable in a particular program of study.
  • Students must also meet any requirements with regard to grades. External credits will be treated identically with those of CBU students who move from one program to another within the institution. If a grade of 60% is required in a CBU prerequisite course, for example, then a 60% grade will also be required in a transfer course. A dean, in consultation with the registrar and the department, may approve courses beyond the first and second year levels for credit transfer in degree, diploma and certificate programs, bearing in mind that at least 50% of courses must be completed at CBU.

Articulation Agreements

Students transferring under an Articulation Agreement can find more information here.


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What is the deadline to submit my transfer credit application?

Transfer Credit Application Deadlines:

  • July 31 for September (Fall) intake
  • October 31 for January (Winter) intake
  • March 31 for May (Spring) intake


How long will it take to process my transfer credit application?

It will take 4-6 weeks to process an application for transfer credit. The Registrar’s Office processes transfer credit evaluations as quickly as possible. You can avoid delays by submitting all required documentation as soon as you submit your application for admission to CBU.


When will my transfer credits be activated?

Transfer credits are not activated until registration, and applications received after deadlines cannot be guaranteed for processing in time for registration.


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Am I a Transfer, International, Mature, or Returning student?

In order to apply to CBU, you must identify yourself on the application as a Transfer, Mature, Returning, or International Student.

International Students 

Any student coming from outside of Canada (who wishes to transfer outside of an Articulation Agreement) should review CBU’s International Admission Requirements. All documents and transcripts must be received in English. Once an International student has been accepted, they should follow the steps outlined in the Transferring to CBU Checklist to see if they are eligible for transfer credits.

International students should connect with a CBU Recruiter with any questions, or to discuss their application.

Mature Students

Mature students are Canadian citizens or residents who are at least 21 years of age and are applying for their first year of an undergraduate program. You can review CBU’s Admission Requirements for Mature Students.


Unsure which heading you fall into? Have a look at the flow chart below:

Transfer Flow Chart

Will CBU check my grades?

Any Transfer applicant must be in good academic standing at their current institution if they wish to transfer to CBU. This means that they cannot be on academic dismissal or academic suspension. Individual program admission requirements must be met.


What information does CBU need about my past school(s)?

Any Transfer applicant must list all previous post-secondary institutions attended on the application for admission even where no transfer credit is sought.

The Transfer applicant must submit  official post-secondary transcripts (this required to apply to CBU).

The Transfer applicant must supply a secondary school transcript if the equivalent subject requirements were not completed during post-secondary studies.

Students transferring under an Articulation Agreement can find more information here.


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Do my old CBU courses transfer to current courses?

Internal transfer credits are used by historical CBU students who previously graduated and have courses on their historical transcripts that are no longer offered or available at CBU. These students can apply to have their previous credits assessed against available courses, potentially adding credits to a new degree. All internal credit arrangements are administered by the academic schools, in consultation with the Enrolment Services Office. Please contact Enrolment Services. You will not be required to pay a fee.


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What if I have equivalent work experience, instead of formal education credit?

You can apply for a Prior Learning Assessment. PLAs are an option for students who feel that their experience and/or training earned outside of a post-secondary institution is equivalent to a course needed for their CBU degree.

If you are studying for a Bachelor of Arts Community Studies Program (BACS) degree, students should review the below information:

COMS1100 – Introduction to Community Studies

COMS2101 – Work Experience Placement I

COMS3101 – Work Experience Placement II


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