Transferring Made Easy [1min Read]

After high school, I started my education at Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC). I was enrolled in the Process Operations – 4th class Power Engineering program. After realizing that the program was not for me, I decided to take a year off and determine what my next step should be. It was during this time that I found the Bachelor of Engineering Technology (petroleum engineering) program at Cape Breton University.

The BET degree is similar to my previous program, which is what I was looking for. After finding out that CBU is the only university in Atlantic Canada to offer this program at the university level, I felt that my decision to enrol in the program was the obvious next step. The transition from NSCC to CBU was made easy with the help of the incredible university staff. They helped me with enrolment, class scheduling and transferring my credits from NSCC. With small class-sizes and professors always around to give me a hand, I continue to feel welcomed in the small, but growing university.

After a great year at CBU, I was given the opportunity to join the CBU Road Squad. As a member of the Squad, my colleague and I travelled around Cape Breton Island to multiple festivals and events.

It was an incredible summer and it allowed me to see the beautiful sites of Cape Breton, while also promoting the one-of-a-kind university that I have come to love. The atmosphere at CBU is welcoming and accepting and I have learned that if I ever need help all I have to do is send an email or make a phone call and someone will be happy to help me.

As I continue my CBU story, I look forward to receiving my diploma this semester and working through the summer and fall semesters to complete my degree.

Kenzie Wadden, Bachelor of Engineering Technology transfer student.