Susy Denny – Building on Legacy [1min Read]

For Susy Denny of Eskasoni First Nation, attending Cape Breton University was a natural choice. Choosing CBU meant that Susy could live at home and be near her family and friends as she pursued her university degree. It also meant that Susy could follow in the footsteps of her grandfather, Kiji-keptin Alexander Denny, for whom the Unama’ki College language lab is named after. 

Susy Denny“It’s a great feeling knowing that the language lab is named after my grandfather, especially since he had a passion for the Mi’kmaq language,” says Susy. “He always said, “Siawi-L’nui’sultik, which means continue speaking Mi’kmaq.”

Attending CBU and staying closely connected to the supports available through Unama’ki College have allowed Susy to thrive both academically and personally. “My favorite thing about CBU and Unama’ki College is that there is a big support system for students,” says Susy. “There are also job opportunities for students’ on and off campus based on their academic field.”

Susy, who previously had the opportunity to work for the Purdy Crawford Chair in Aboriginal Business Studies, as a summer student researcher, has been able to gain valuable experience that will serve her well as she works toward finishing her Bachelor of Arts degree. “I really enjoyed working for the Crawford Chair,” says Susy. “I also helped to plan and execute the Mi’kmaq History Month events for Unama’ki College, which was a great experience.”

Susy is now working with Unama’ki College to present a series of Mi’kmaq language classes designed for non-speaking faculty and staff at CBU, and says, “This opportunity is something that is definitely unique to my CBU experience. I really enjoy being part of the CBU family and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone.”  

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