Centre For Teaching And Learning

Welcome to CBU Teaching Faculty

The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is CBU’s faculty support department, with a mandate to foster and maintain teaching excellence. Whether you are a long-time professor, part-time sessional lecturer or lab instructor, the CTL is here to support your professional development with a comprehensive collection of training resources. Maybe you are seeking guidance on best practices in assessment, diversity and inclusion, student engagement, or online teaching. The CTL can help you overcome challenges and utilize innovative ideas in your teaching practice. The CTL creates and curates resources, provides an extensive video library and offers self-directed and peer learning opportunities. It also organizes an annual University Teaching Program. The CTL’s specialized podcast, Beyond the Class, is another signature program, produced in-house by the CTL team. It features conversations on decolonizing education, pedagogy of play, accessible classrooms and more.

If you are a member of the teaching community at CBU, you can login to MyCBU Intranet to access the CTL’s complete suite of teaching and learning resources.

A Message from the Academic Director of the Centre for Teaching and Learning

Everyone at the CTL is motivated by the principle expressed in CBU’s Academic Plan 2020-2025: It is important to ensure that all of our faculty have access to the best resources and support to fuel their curiosity in relation to their subject area, pedagogical approaches, and student needs.

CTL staff are always interacting with faculty, so when we advise CBU on investments in new teaching spaces and related educational technologies, it is as an advocate for the faculty and students who work within this teaching and learning environment. As the environment changes, we continue to provide hands-on and virtual assistance to help you both adapt and maximize pedagogical potential.

The CTL provides opportunities for professional development and peer learning on an ongoing basis. Whether you are a full-time member of CBU’s teaching community or a sessional instructor, a member of NSGEU or CBUFA, the CTL is here to help you meet your teaching responsibilities and continue to grow as university teachers.

Podcast: Beyond the Class

Beyond the Class is podcast series created by CTL, focussing on techniques, tools and research that drive innovative teaching and learning. With each half hour episode, teaching faculty at CBU and elsewhere will gain insights that will support positive teaching and learning experiences.

Beyond the Class is available on all major streaming services. Listen on SpotifyApple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Soundcloud or wherever you listen to music and podcasts- and don’t forget to subscribe!

University Teaching Chairs and Peer Learning

CBU is pleased to introduce our current University Teaching Chairs, who work with the CTL to support professional development. The goals of Teaching Chairs are three-fold: to provide faculty leadership in the development of a community of practice in the area of teaching and learning; to provide peer support to faculty members who wish to develop their research and practice in the area of pedagogy; and to engage in and share scholarship of teaching and learning research and best-practices across the university community and beyond.

Dr. Peter MacIntyre, University Teaching Chair of Innovation in Teaching Spaces and Resources

Dr. Peter MacIntyre, Professor of Psychology, School of Science & Technology, has been a driving force behind the culture of teaching and learning at Cape Breton University for over 20 years. His deep commitment to effective teaching was first recognized when he was honoured with the inaugural CBU Distinguished Teaching Award in 1999. Dr. MacIntyre continues to play an active role in supporting faculty as a CBU Teaching Chair (2019 – present).

Dr. Katherine Jones, University Teaching Chair in Digital Pedagogies

Dr. Katherine Jones, Associate Professor of Biology, School of Science & Technology, is building a knowledge base on the ways media intersect with effective teaching in her role as Teaching Chair in Digital Pedagogies (May 2022 – Present). This includes exploring how students can leverage digital platforms to build communication skills and how teaching faculty can infuse digital media projects within their assessment strategies. In this role, Dr. Jones is building on her previous experience in faculty development. In 2021, she created a training program for CBU educators and researchers focused on how to effectively communicate science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) concepts.