Human Resources

Call one of the world’s most beautiful islands home AND do a job you love

Cape Breton University’s diverse community of valued faculty and staff relish the idea of helping to create and promote an educational environment. Because CBU is a unique place where students who believe that they can actually have an effect in the world discover what that effect is going to be.

Yes, it’s exciting. And if you’re the kind of person we’re looking for, you’re already thinking of ways you can bring your energy and help build the kind of place where people thrive.  You’re someone who will care about not just what students do at CBU, but what they do beyond it. Because what happens in Cape Breton University doesn’t stay on Cape Breton Island. It impacts Canada and the world.

If you can imagine yourself contributing to Cape Breton University, please check out our current job openings.

Careers That Inspire

CBU proudly upholds a respectful, inclusive and engaging campus atmosphere that supports, listens and responds to the needs of its community.  We also offer a superior benefits package, a dynamic, supportive work environment and onsite childcare opportunities on one of the most beautiful, culturally rich islands in the world.

From the moment your new career begins – the Human Resources Department is here to help. During orientation we try to assist new employees in the best way possible by answering questions and offering suggestions to help you easily transition into your new role at CBU. Among other benefits, CBU’s welcoming environment has made us an employer of choice for many.

Found at the heart of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality, CBU’s location caters to a lifestyle that mirrors the vibrancy of an urban center, yet offers the safe and genuine feel of a small town. When you chose a career at CBU, you will have an opportunity to not only thrive professionally, but you will also be exposed to the myriad of cultural landscapes that are found on Cape Breton Island, creating a truly unique style of living.