Rod Nicholls

Interim Vice President, Academic

Dr. Rod Nicholls is an Associate Professor of Philosophy in the Department of Humanities at CBU. He holds a BA from Mount Allison University and a MA and Doctor of Philosophy from Queen�s University. His service at CBU includes terms as Chair, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies; Speaker of Academic Council (now Senate); Vice-Principal Academic, Unamaki College; and Dean of Arts and Social Sciences. He regularly teaches Critical Thinking, and The Meaning of Life and Nietzsche and the Death of God. Recent publications have tended to concentrate on theatre aesthetics such as �Theatricality and Imagination� in Imagination and Philosophy (Brill). In the last few years, his interests have changed slightly resulting in an edited collection with Heather L. Salazar, �The Philosophy of Spirituality: Analytic, Continental and Multicultural Approaches to a New Field of Philosophy (Brill)�. He also has a strong creative interest in theatre, having directed plays for CBU�s Boardmore Theatre for over 25 years.


Continental Philosophy, Theatre Aesthetics, Spirituality and the Meaning of Life