Academic Plan

Message from the President and the Provost

We are excited to launch our Cape Breton University Academic Plan: “Transformation through Inquiry”. Guided by the mission, vision, values, and strategic directions articulated in the University’s Strategic Plan, this academic plan outlines concrete actions that we will take over the next five years.

“Transformation Through Inquiry” is at the heart of what we do and is one of the unique and defining features of Cape Breton University. Inquiry is demonstrated in many forms throughout the university – from searching for new discoveries through pure or basic research, to faculty and students engaging in hands-on and creative activities together, to working with community groups and agencies in an advisory capacity. Our commitment to these and other forms of inquiry in this plan has the potential to transform our university, the communities we serve, and most importantly, the lives of our students.

Putting this plan into action will require the commitment and cooperation of our faculty, our staff, and our students. We will undertake regular reviews on our progress and communicate this progress to the university community, guaranteeing this will be an active document that leads to real change.

The four priority areas in this academic plan – Academic Integrity & Quality, Teaching and the Student Learning Experience, Program Innovation and Development, and Research, Scholarship and Professional Practice – will guide us as we shape our institutional culture over the coming years and help to propel the Strategic Plan forward.

Yours very truly,

David C. Dingwall
President & Vice-Chancellor

Richard MacKinnon
Vice-President, Academic (Provost)

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