Research Ethics Board Members

2016-2017 Members

School of Science and Technology
Rod Beresford (Biology)
Michelle Jetha (Psychology)
Heather Schmidt (Psychology)

School of Professional Studies
Patrick Howard (Education)
Jill MacMullen (Nursing)
Cyndee MacPhee (Nursing)
Kathy Snow (Education)

Shannon School of Business
Dannie Brown (Organizational Management)
Catherine Leviten-Reid (Community Economic Development)
Joanne Pyke (Organizational Management)
Leslie Wardley (Organizational Management)

School of Arts and Social Sciences
Jane Connell (Community Studies)
Jim Gerrie (Philosophy and Religious Studies)
Tracey Harris (Anthropology/Sociology)
John Hudec (Community Studies)
Erna MacLeod (Communication)
Scott Moir (History and Culture)
Emily Root (Community Studies)