Research Ethics Board Members

The Research Ethics Board (REB) is a subcommittee of the Research Committee of Senate. It is comprised of faculty from across disciplines, with most serving two-year terms. Research that involves human participants requires Board approval before the research begins. The role of the REB is to ensure that any harms or risk of harm to humans involved in research is outweighed by the benefits of conducting the research.
ORGS offers administrative support to the Research Ethics Board. This includes processing REB applications, advising the REB on procedural matters, and liaising between the institution and the REB when necessary. If you are interested in learning more, contact

Current Members

Bishakha Mazumdar (Co-Chair)

Tracey Harris (Co-Chair)

Alejandro Vital Soto

Pablo Santos-Iglesias

Jamileh Yousefi

Enayat Rajabi

Shauna MacDonald

Melissa Bishop

McLennon Wilson

Kristen Desjarlais-deKlerk