Research Support Fund

The term “Indirect Cost of Research” refers to the costs institutions incur to allow scholarly research activities to take place. These might include central and departmental administrative costs which are not attributable to specific research projects, costs associated with maintaining and upgrading labs, offices, libraries, and other facilities, or costs incurred while meeting regulatory requirements and research compliance.

The Research Support Fund program replaced the Indirect Cost Program introduced by the Government of Canada in 2003. The program assist Canadian post-secondary institutions with the costs associated with managing their research enterprise and helping universities and colleges to maintain a world-class research environment. More information is available online.

Research Support can be divided into five expenditure categories:

The Government of Canada funds the Research Support Fund for Tri-agency (CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC). The amount of CBU’s Research Support Fund allocation is calculated based on the amount of Tri-agency funding awarded in the three most recent years for which data are available. Cape Breton University’s allocation of research support funds for 2017-2018 fiscal year under each of the five
expenditure categories is as follows:

Research Support Outcome Summaries: