Annual Research Report

Annual Research Report for Cape Breton University uses the fiscal year as the reporting period to be compiled when the Canadian Association of University Business Officers’ (CAUBO) annual financial reports are released. The report covers the period April 1 to March 31. While data in the report is shown in year-by-year graphic and tabular breakdowns, much of that data is also reported in three-year rolling totals. These figures better indicate trends in CBU’s research climate and tend to take account of large individual grants that can have an inordinate effect on a single year’s totals.

CBU’s research activities are obviously very diverse and, therefore, difficult to quantify using one set of statistics or metrics in isolation from other sources of data and contextual description. To give a robust and complete picture of the research environment at CBU, the annual report examines every avenue of research work. The data reports on a varied range of activities including success in obtaining research funding, scholarly articles published, dissemination of research findings and commercialization and industry engagement. In addition to these quantitative measures, the annual report also includes a number of stories from individual researchers and groups that exemplify some of the kinds of innovation for which CBU is recognized. In this way, the Office of Research and Graduate Studies is pleased to present what we feel is an accurate characterization of the current state of research at CBU.