Back With a Vengeance: Meet Charlie Waters

Meet our friend from across the pond and striker for the Capers Men’s Soccer Team, Charlie Waters. Charlie is a third-year student in the Bachelor of Arts in Community Studies program, coming all the way to CBU from Blackpool, England.

We are thrilled to announce that following his impressive performance this season, Charlie has been drafted to The Canadian Premier League and is ready to show Valour FC what he has to offer. Winnipeg fans are in for a treat with Charlie on the field!

What initially attracted Charlie about CBU was the vision Coach Deano Morley and the rest of the coaching staff had for the team, along with the small community atmosphere on campus. When asked about his favourite thing about being a student-athlete at CBU, Charlie says, “being able to represent the school and travel around Canada doing it.”

Being a student-athlete means you have to learn about balance. Between completing coursework and going to mandatory training, practices and games, you don’t get much time in the week to slack off. Charlie’s way of handling this is to get his school work done during the day and then focus on his training. Advice he wants to give to other student-athletes is, “make sure you plan out your week before it starts and get things done as soon as you can.”

When talking about the team and staff this year, he’s grateful for the support the coaching staff provides, “Deano, Scott, Vernon and Brian who has joined us this season, are always there for the team and only a phone call or text away from helping or advising us when we need them,” says Charlie. “Not only that, but they are great people who just want all the boys on the team to go on and have successful careers.” Along with the coaching staff, he feels the same towards his teammates too. “Great bunch of lads who always have each other’s back on the field,” says Charlie. “A great diverse bunch from different backgrounds all wanting to do the island proud.”

Charlie is extra grateful to be on the field this year. Due to an injury he had to sit out for the full year while watching the team. Fortunately for him, he was ready to get back on the field and support his team the best he can. “It makes this year extra special for me to hopefully be able to help us in any way I can to get back there and right our wrongs,” said Charlie earlier this month in the lead up to Nationals.

After earning a bronze medal in the U-Sport Championships, Charlie says he is proud to have put on a great performance for CAPERS fans around the country. “They are a massive help to cheer on the boys when we need them, and it inspires us to do the island proud.” 

You’ve certainly made all of us proud Charlie, and we can’t wait to watch you dominate the Canadian Premier League!