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Local Government Professional Series

The Local Government Professional Series of microcredentials provides government employees and lifelong learners knowledge and skills to work with and for political and social institutions effectively. These microcredentials aid participants in navigating complex government systems and develop professional qualities that will help them achieve their career or personal goals. Whether you’re seeking to move into management roles, or looking to make a lasting impact as a community leader, the Local Government Series offers a flexible and affordable way to expand your horizons. Local Government microcredentials labelled with Professional Series are intended for anyone who is looking to develop their leadership and management skills in government and are offered at our standard rate of $240 (+HST).

Local Government Leadership Series

The Local Government Leadership Series of microcredentials provides leaders in government positions, elected or appointed, with skills and competencies that assist in the development and revitalization of their communities and workplace. Many civic leaders are called to public sector work out of a sense of duty and a desire to make their community a better place to live and work. The Local Government Leadership Series equips leaders with the ability to effectively and efficiently direct employees toward those ends. Local Government microcredentials labelled with Leadership Series are design with government leadership, including CAOs, elected officials, and directors in mind and are offered at our executive rate of $390 (+HST).

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Project Management Fundamentals

Professional Series

This microcredential introduces the project management practices and principles used in completing projects responsibly on time and on budget. Learners will explore the skills necessary to engage in formal project management and is valuable to those considering a career in project management, or to practitioners who wish to upgrade their skillset. Project Management Fundamentals emphasizes modern project management best practices and is developed and delivered by an active professional in the industry. Content and real-life examples centre concepts into a local perspective.

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