Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing Series

The Affordable Housing Series of microcredentials equip learners with skills and knowledge to tackle today’s housing challenges. CBU has consulted with local, provincial, and national stakeholders about the needs for the housing sector’s capacity development and have worked with industry experts to develop and deliver learning experiences that will assist developers, housing administrators, public sector workers, government officials, and those interested in community and social development create communities that with housing options for everyone.

Learners who take these microcredentials will benefit from industry experience, best practices, and the tools used in navigating governance frameworks, policy, development processes, and design.

Upcoming Microcredentials

Developing an Affordable Housing Project: Getting Ready to Build

This microcredential provides learners with a comprehensive understanding of the process involved in developing affordable housing. It delves into all aspects of a project including project intake and breaking ground, understanding the proponents’ vision, community engagement, concept development, project governance, budgeting, financing, site selection, planning, permits, and regulatory requirements. No previous experience required.

Instructor: John Aylward, MBA CED
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Sustainable Net-Zero Housing Design

This microcredential empowers participants with the knowledge and skills needed to create energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and net-zero homes specifically suited to the challenges and opportunities presented by Nova Scotia’s climate. Through hands-on activities, guest speakers, and multimedia resources, learners will develop a robust skillset enabling them to design, build, and live sustainably in the region. No previous experience required.

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