Digital Fluency

Digital Fluency Series

The Digital Fluency Series of microcredentials provides learners with the skills they need to navigate the modern work environment with confidence in their use of technology and online software solutions. Developed for professionals as well as those entering the workforce, our microcredentials in this series provide learners with foundational concepts and relevant skills that make an impact in modernizing the workplace.

Learn how to make data work for you and your business, protect your personal information and client data from cyber attacks, or develop digital processes that transform your organization into an efficient and effective place to work.

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Digital Transformation Essentials

Digital Transformation Essentials equips learners with strategies for personal and team productivity through digital transformation processes. The topics, skills, and tools explored in this microcredential course are relevant to all roles and fields and help individuals and teams lead sustainable growth in their organizations and navigate technological shifts in their industries. Participants will learn how to engage in change management and road map the transition to using new digital tools. No prior experience required.

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