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At CBU, we value the importance of academic advising. We want you to not only understand your program and courses, but also how your education fits into your future life goals. Developing an academic plan and reviewing it overtime helps you get the most out of your CBU experience. The type of advising you need depends on what stage you are at in your program; sometimes you need help learning how to register for courses and manage your class schedule, while other times you may wish to discuss your options for a major, or post-graduation plans.


We strive to bring important and beneficial advising information to students for a few key reasons.

Flexibility: Receiving information in writing via email allows students to take their time reviewing the details at their own convenience and comfort. Full-time advisors provide advising support all year long, meaning students can reach out via email at any time with questions, or to schedule an appointment.

Peer Support: Virtual and in-person group Advising & Registration sessions/events (when protocols allow) allow students to get program and course information, view registration demonstrations and ask live questions. It also allows them to connect with peers in similar programs.

Preparation: One-on-one virtual and in-person advising appointments are most productive when students have had a chance to prepare questions after reviewing information sent to them in advance. It’s nice to see your advisor in real-time and get more familiar with CBU resources and technology. Screen-sharing during virtual sessions can be beneficial, while other students may prefer to meet with an advisor on campus.


Every student is different and CBU offers a variety of flexible program formats, so students may require advising support at various times of the year for a wide range of reasons. However, it can be helpful to review CBU’s Important Dates and keep these advising checkpoints in mind:

  • At the beginning of your program before you begin classes
  • In the middle of your program to ensure you understand your academic plan and are on track with your goals
  • In your final year to verify you have registered for all courses required to graduate

Here are some examples of when you might need to consult with an academic advisor:

  1. You need help choosing/scheduling/registering for courses
  2. You want to discuss your academic program requirements
  3. You need help declaring a major, concentration or speciality
  4. You want to discuss graduation requirements and next steps
  5. You want to discuss changing your current program of study


How to Connect with an Academic Advisor (All Students)

Prior to your appointment, we recommend you:

  • Refer to any previous email communication you received from an advisor, including your program’s required courses.
  • Plan courses you want to take in your CBU Compass Student Account, using the course catalogue within.
  • Prepare a list of questions to ask your advisor.
  1. Click “Login” at the top-right corner of the homepage.
  2. From the “Students” menu, select Compass Student Account.

To book an advising appointment, students will need their CBU email address and login credentials. New students can expect to receive this information via email from CBU’s IT Department within a week of acceptance to CBU.

If you need assistance regarding your email and password, please contact

  1. Click “Username” in your Compass Student Account. For desktop users, this will be at the top right corner. For mobile users, this will be at the top left corner.
  2. Click “Program and Advising Support”. This will take you to your Advising Dashboard.


  1. Check to see if you have an advisor assigned to your success team by clicking on the blue ‘schedule appointment’ button. View available appointment times using the arrows, and select your preferred time. Proceed to book the appointment.
  2. If you do not have an advisor assigned, desktop users can click “GET HELP“. Mobile users can click the “!” button.
  1. After clicking “GET HELP” on desktop or “!” on mobile, choose Request Academic Advising from the drop-down list that appears. Proceed to submit your question.

You can indicate whether you prefer an email, virtual, or in-person appointment and staff will follow up with you to help you get your appointment scheduled.


What’s Next?

We have prepared a checklist to guide you through what you need to do after advising. Visit What’s Next for more information.

Questions? Use CBU’s Contact Us Form to ensure we connect you with the right resource. Questions related to advising will go directly to the advising centre staff.

Advising and registration for the Post-Baccalaureate Diploma programs is a separate process. Please email with all inquiries.

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