Co-Curricular Record

Cape Breton University’s Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is an official University document that recognizes student achievements and involvement in activities and events outside of the classroom. It’s another way to get credit for activities that are not a credited part of a program or coursework, such as volunteer work.

The Co-Curricular Record has been designed to complement your resume, not replace it. When applying to graduate or professional schools or competing for employment opportunities, your CCR is a tool that will allow you to showcase documented experiences that have made an impact on your life or the lives of others. A robust CCR will allow you to develop skills in a variety of meaningful categories.

Students can gain acknowledgement and recognition for their role in activities that demonstrate the following, and contribute to the betterment of the whole university student experience:

  1. Student Leadership (ex. Students’ Representative Council Chairperson, Peer Success Coach, etc.)
  2. Campus Engagement (ex. Let’s Talk Science Outreach Volunteer, Women’s Centre Coordinator, etc.)
  3. Governance ( ex. Ex-Officio Member of Senate,  SU VP Promotions, etc.)
  4. Honours, Awards, Recognition ( ex. Tapiwa Gat Memorial Award, Patrick Johnson Aboriginal Student Leadership Award, etc.)
  5. Societies (Business Society Treasurer, Christian Society President, Parks Canada Society President)

Student Tips for CCR

  • Student Login:
    Username- Email issued by CBU
    Password- Date of Birth (YYMMDD)
  • Access your CCR by clicking on the Co-Curricular Record tab on the left.
  • When adding a position to your record, there are two ways to search for positions:
    • Search by keywords
    • Search by narrowing down results through a selection process
  • When adding a position to your record, you are required to select various learning outcomes that you feel the position addresses (maximum selection of 9).
  • If the position you are searching for does not currently exist in the system, you can request for it to be added. Simply go to the Position Request tab on the left and fill out the required information. Your requested position will either be approved or declined by a validator.
  • The Activity Directory is where you can search for any positions that are currently found in the CCR system.
  • To search for positions that meet your specific needs, you can use the Activity Directory located on the tab on the left. Through a selection process, you are able to find positions that you could potentially get involved with at CBU.
  • Cape Breton University has divided its CCR into five categories. Activities need to fall under one of those categories which include:
    1. Student Leadership
    2. Campus Engagement
    3. Governance
    4. Honours, Awards, Recognition
    5. Societies
  • To add a position to your record, you must have previously completed a minimum of 15 hours (per year) dedicated to that position
  • To obtain a copy of your CCR, visit your myCareer account. After logging in, click on the Co-Curricular Record tab on the left. There will be a “Print My Co-Curricular Record” button located near the top of the screen. A PDF of your record will be available to print.

For more information or any questions about the CCR, contact Mike MacIsaac.

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