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My Progress

My Progress is an easy and convenient visual tool to help you course plan and ensure your degree requirements are being met. It is a self-progression tool that you can use to enhance academic planning discussions.  

My Progress allows you to:  

  • Track the courses you’ve taken against your program requirements to see what parts of your program you’ve completed. 
  • Determine how courses you plan on taking will be used towards completing your degree requirements. 

Key times to make use of the tool are: 

  • Before you meet with an academic advisor and register in courses for the next semester. 
  • After you have registered to ensure courses are applied to your degree progression. 
  • After grades are posted. 
  • After making any changes to your schedule or program changes. 
  • Before applying for graduation. 

Remember, you are still responsible for meeting the academic requirements in the academic calendar and following them. 100% completion on the degree progress bars does not necessarily guarantee completion of all requirements. 

 Important – Students are responsible to follow the academic and financial policies   and regulations in our CBU Academic Calendar and on our Financial Deadlines, Policies and Regulations page. Upon registration, students agree to be, and shall be, bound by the regulations and policies of Cape Breton University as published in the CBU Academic Calendar or otherwise enacted by the University. 

Register For Classes Online

Friday March 22, 2024,  The Registrar’s Office will open the academic course timetable for Fall 2024 and Winter 2025, for planning and viewing.

Tues 7 and Wed 8, May, 2024, The Registrar’s Office will open the academic course timetable for Fall 2024 and Winter 2025 for registration for all current and returning students

Thursday May 9, 2024, The Registrar’s Office will open the academic course timetable for Fall 2024 and Winter 2025 for registration for all students

How to Register For Classes:  

Registration for Spring 2024, Fall 2024 and Winter 2025 will open in March of 2024. Please monitor your CBU email for information as it relates to 2024/2025 Academic Year Timetable Information.

All new students to CBU must be advised prior to registering for classes. Information on Advising can be Found Here!

Steps to set up and advising appointment:

Click “Login” at the top-right corner of the homepage.

From the “Students” menu, select Compass Student Account.

To book an advising appointment, students will need their CBU email address and login credentials. New students can expect to receive this information via email from CBU’s IT Department within a week of acceptance to CBU. If you need assistance regarding your email and password, please contact

Students can register for classes using their Compass Student Account. Need help adding or planning your courses? Here is a helpful video that shows the process in full.

Returning Students

Returning students can register online for courses through their Compass Student Account once the registration window opens for their program/semester.

Degree Audit

Returning students can use My Progress section of their Compass Student Account to access their personalized degree audit, providing a snapshot of their program(s)’s requirements. My Progress will list complete and/or incomplete requirements and the courses needed to fulfil each requirement.  You can also use it to see how your requirements might change if you switch to a different program.

If returning and/or in-progress students require additional Academic Advising, please fill out the Academic Advising Request Form.

Course Delivery Information

CBU has various classroom locations for teaching, the main campus on Grand Lake Road, Sydney, NSCC Marconi Campus, Grand Lake Road,  Sydney and our Cineplex location, downtown Sydney. When you are registering for classes the location is included in the registration information.  Coded in the course Catalog: MAIN – Cape Breton University, MCI – NSCC Marconi, and CPLX – Cineplex-Sydney

  • Lecture
  • In Person or Live Online
  • Online (Live)
  • Online (Not Live)

Important Reminders

Students are responsible to review course prerequisite requirements and any other items that may restrict you from registering. Students should review curriculum information (their degree, major, faculty, etc.) for every new academic term.

Registration Restrictions & Errors

If your Academic Standing prevents registration or you have a registration restriction, please contact

Financial holds may prevent students from registering for classes. Contact if you have a financial hold on your Compass Student Account.

If you encounter registration errors, you will have to reconsider your schedule carefully. You have a few options when you receive an error message:

  • Try adding a different section, or another course, to fill your timetable.
  • Join a waitlist for courses that are full, and that have a waitlist enabled.
  • New students who are not registered for classes by that date will need to defer to a future term or re-apply if their Admission Letter and/or Notice of Acceptance Letter has expired.
  • If students have any questions or concerns please email