How to Book Your Advising Appointment: Step-By-Step Guide [4min read]

Defining your academic goals, choosing your courses, creating a schedule and everything else that’s needed in order to prepare for university can seem daunting. Whether you are a new, returning or transfer student, there are a lot of questions to be asked and decisions to be made as you prepare for the year ahead. But don’t fear, the First-Year Advising Centre is here!

CBU’s First-Year Advising Centre (FYAC) is located on campus, and is staffed by experts in academic advising, success coaching, scheduling and all things CBU! It’s mandatory that all new-to-CBU students book an appointment with the FYAC, as we want to make sure each and every one of our students is set up for success. Returning students are also encouraged to book an advising appointment prior to the beginning of each academic year, as it’s a great way to touch base and ensure you’re on the right track to successfully completing your program.

Below you’ll find a step-by-step guide for booking your advising appointment with the FYAC, along with information about the benefits of advising and how it can pave the way for your academic success.

Step 1: Create an account with the FYAC’s booking system

Creating an account with the FYAC’s booking system is an important first step in the advising process at CBU. Aside from providing standard information such as your name and email, you’ll also be asked questions about your program of study, educational and career goals, strengths, interests and so on. Answering these questions will help our team better advise on course selection during your appointment, as well as identify any extra-curricular activities you may be interested in. This is what you can expect to see on the online booking system ↓

Step 2: Schedule your appointment

The FYAC opens in May of each year and runs until the end of August. Appointments take approximately 1.5 hours and can be done online or in person. But, if you are near and able to come to campus, it’s definitely recommended to have your appointment in person. Both individual and group advising sessions are available, depending on your program of study. Appointments can be made through the account you created in Step 1.

Pro Tip:
Book your advising appointment as soon as you can to help ensure you get your first-choice course schedule! (Some course options and times can fill up quickly).

Step 3: Show up to your appointment

You might be wondering, “Do I need to bring anything?,” and the answer is no. Well, other than your optimistic nature, of course! We do recommend, however, that you check out the academic calendar to become more familiar with the classes that we offer. You might be surprised by some of the unique courses we offer that will both meet the needs of your program as well as your own, personal interests.

Getting here: The FYAC is located in the Learning Commons, which is in the Marvin Harvey Building. When you get here, you’ll be greeted by a student employee and shown to your appointment. If you have trouble locating the FYAC, this map of campus may be helpful. You can also reach our student employees at 902-563-1815 and they will be more than happy to meet you where you are, and walk you to your appointment.

Step 4: Meet with your Academic Advisor

Academic Advisors are the knowledge-keepers of all things academic at CBU. When you sit down with your Advisor, they’ll help you to get down to the ‘nitty gritty’ of things. Here are some things you’ll discuss with your Advisor:

  • Expectations and concerns
  • The breakdown of your program, including core and elective courses (and what these mean)
  • Defining new terms that are used in university settings that make you go, “huh?,” like major, minor, concentration, credits, etcetera.
  • Selecting your courses
  • Student support services available on campus such as Jennifer Keeping Accessibility Centre and the Writing Centre (to name a few)

Step 5: Meet with a First-Year Advising Centre employee

After meeting with your Academic Advisor, you will then meet with an FYAC student employee. The student employee will assist you with:

  • Creating your class schedule
  • Setting up your online student account
  • Accessing your CBU email and
  • Registering classes

Once you are done meeting with the student employee, your appointment is complete! You are now one step closer to starting your studies. We can’t wait to meet you, and see what you’ll accomplish during your time on campus and beyond.

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