Computer Labs

The following computer labs are maintained for student use at CBU:

Location Number of PCs Usage
B182 26 Classes / Open Use
B184 24 Classes / Open Use
B1022 40 Classes / Open Use
B202 50 Classes / Open Use
Autocad Lab ‘A’ Wing 18 Engineering Students
Library 25 Public Access
L150 (library) 16 Faculty / Staff / Students
Petroleum Lab‘A’ Wing 18 Petroleum & Engineering Students

Software available on all lab computers as of September 2012:

Microsoft Office 2016 Visual Studo 2008
SPSS 20 / AMOS 20 AutoCAD (Mechanical) 2012
Maple 16 MiniTab 16
MATLAB 2010B Sophos Anti Virus
Acrobat Reader Flash Player
ShockwWave 7 Zip
PCounter WBalance Microsoft Software Essentials
Sophos WebProxy Agent Firefox
iTunes FileZilla (Free) FTP Client
Sun JAVA 7 Runtime VLC Player

Lab Rules

  • Earphones are mandatory while using audio.
  • Cellular phone conversations are prohibited inside the labs.
  • The removal of lab equipment and/or furniture from the labs is prohibited and may result in criminal charges for the offender(s).
  • Food and drinks can cause equipment failure if introduced into the electronic components of a computer; therefore, they are forbidden in all computer labs.  Offenders may be asked to leave the lab, and lab privileges may be revoked.

Saving Files

Files should be saved on removable media, such as a usb drive or your Office365 OneDrive.  Lab PCs are refreshed on each reboot (at least daily), erasing any files saved on the PCs hard drive.  Please take care not to save files to the local hard drive.

Virus Checking

A virus is a program designed to corrupt other programs. The impact of viruses can range from making your computer crash to deleting important files, possibly doing enough damage so that the computer is inoperable.  All lab computers are protected by Sophos Antivirus, and network drives are automatically scanned.