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General Requirements for High School Graduates

  • See CBU’s English Language Requirements here.
  • English 12 (academic or advanced)
  • Math 12 (academic or advanced)
  • 2 Science 12 level (chemistry & physics recommended)
  • 1 additional grade 12 academic or advanced level course

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Transfer Student Requirements

  • In order to transfer to CBU you must be in good academic standing at your current/previous institution.
  • You must meet the general admissions requirements (or the post-secondary equivalent) for the program, found under the Canadian or International tabs of this tool.
  • To see if your institution is an articulation partner, please view our articulation agreements page.
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Refine Your Path To Success

When it comes to global innovation and change, petroleum has been at the heart of some of the most important scientific advances in human history. That’s because hydrocarbons are at the foundation of our modern, energy intensive societies.

At CBU, we help you capitalize on this career opportunity by giving you the skills you need to build a solid foundation in this field. As a small island with an incredible way of life that is delicately balanced, we know how petroleum and its by-products affect nearly every aspect of human life and occupation.

After graduating from CBU with a BET Petroleum, students will have the skills and knowledge regarding the extraction, processing and refinement of petroleum resources. You’ll also focus heavily on protecting the environment, a challenge that is necessary to tackle in today’s oil and gas industry.

Sample Courses and Resources

Why study at CBU?

CBU takes your passion for learning and nurtures your unique skills, growing your ability to succeed every single day. With a rich history of innovation, and a friendly community that respects hard work, we welcome a diverse student body who come to CBU for more than the world-class education and island lifestyle. They come to find their path to tomorrow.

Here, the faculty makes all of the difference. That’s because our friendly and accomplished professors and instructors offer CBU students a unique competitive edge for what comes next. Students are introduced to petroleum studies with a focus on environmental safety and overall efficiency to help build a solid foundation for the future.

What skills will I gain from this program?

  • Knowledge of drilling and exploration
  • Reservoir analysis skills
  • Completions planning skills
  • Oil and gas equipment knowledge
  • Awareness of petroleum processing

Possible Career Paths

  • Oil and gas industry
  • Oil service industry

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