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With great relevance to other fields of study such as engineering and nanotechnology, medicine and dentistry, food sciences and environmental sciences, the Chemical Engineering Technology programs provide a gateway into many interesting and opportunity-filled careers.


Refine your path to success. When it comes to global innovation and change, petroleum has been at the heart of some of the most important scientific advances in human history. That’s because hydrocarbons are at the foundation of our modern, energy intensive societies.


Manufacture success your own way. At CBU, students from around the world learn critical skills and gain exposure to competitive and critical fields like manufacturing. From advances in technology, to employee training, the manufacturing industry has rapidly evolved, with our students playing a major role in this fast-paced, ever-changing business sector.

Environmental Studies

Contribute to a future we can all count on. Environmental studies at CBU provides you with the skills you need to thrive in the same real world you observe and assess. While every student gains an understanding of the fundamental sciences, including biology, chemistry, and geology, as well as engineering principles with a focus on the environment, it’s the individual experience that is most important.

Electronics & Controls

Gain technical expertise for life. An overlooked factor behind most of the world’s major projects and industries is the ability to time and control how technology is applied in a dynamic setting. At CBU, you can study a technologically advanced approach to electronics and controls. Electronics and controls at CBU focuses on electrical engineering, analog and digital design, microelectronics and industrial systems.

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