1 Academic Integrity & Quality

Nothing is more fundamental to the continued success of CBU than its ongoing commitment to academic integrity and quality. Integrity defines the ways in which the university community undertakes its core activities – such as teaching, research, learning & assessment. Quality speaks to the content of our degree programs and the learning outcomes our students achieve; quality is a way to talk about and measure excellence. The actions in this section – which address capacity, scholarly values, and graduate attributes – are designed to shape an institutional culture at CBU that deepens our focus on these foundational commitments and thus ensures our future success.


Deepening our commitment to academic integrity and quality by developing an equitable and financially- sustainable definition of capacity that defines the size, composition, and distribution of the student body and human resources

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Under the direction of the Vice-President Academic (Provost) and the Associate Vice-President Academic & Research, develop a strategic enrolment framework that will

  • identify the overall capacity of the university and maintain the university’s enrolment within an acceptable range of that capacity;
  • guide strategic distribution of enrolment through various methods, such as degree planning, course scheduling, program caps, waitlists, etc.;
  • examine admission and language requirements for new students and craft an inclusive philosophy of admissions;
  • balance the mix of domestic (including First Nations and African Nova Scotian), and international students; diversify the student population across countries of origin and CBU academic programs to ensure a positive student experience; and
  • identify the appropriate staffing levels required to ensure high-quality programs


Working with the Academic and the Planning & Review Committees of Senate, Provost Group will generate a position paper on the viability of the trimester model, with particular attention to academic quality & integrity and suitability for L’nu learners.


Secure additional space to alleviate pressure on existing physical resources, extend the presence of the university off campus, and promote CBU’s values in the community.


Deepening our commitment to academic integrity and quality by cultivating a shared understanding of policies and practices related to scholarly values

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Deepening our commitment to academic integrity and quality by enabling student attainment of the CBU graduate attributes

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