2 Teaching and the Student Learning Experience

We exist, as a university, to transform the intellectual lives of our students and have a profound, positive impact on the communities we engage with. Superlative teaching, innovative learning spaces, experiential learning opportunities, and comprehensive academic and career advising can significantly shape students’ learning, sense of belonging at CBU, and perception of themselves in the world. It is important to ensure that all of our faculty have access to the best resources and supports to fuel their curiosity in relation to their subject area, pedagogical approaches, and student needs. When inspired teaching and deep student learning are supported, transformation through inquiry becomes possible.


Inspiring teaching and student learning by expanding the capabilities of the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) to support all who teach full-time and part-time at CBU

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Enhance the leadership of the CTL by hiring an Academic Director with a background in the scholarship of teaching & learning.


President Dingwall announced on June 2, 2020 that Dr. Rod Nicholls has been appointed Academic Director of CBU’s Centre for Teaching and Learning.


Determine the physical and digital infrastructure needs of the CTL and prioritize them in any application for a significant external grant that seeks to improve campus infrastructure.


Develop, through the CTL, a teaching dossier template that situates student evaluations of teaching within an integrated array of assessment of teaching practices to better understand teaching development over time.


Continue to financially support the University Teaching Chairs program and strengthen their involvement in the daily activities of the CTL, particularly in the area of faculty development as it relates internationalization and Indigenization.


Under the leadership of the Academic Director, develop a certificate program in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, offer incentives and support for those who teach at CBU to complete it, and ensure the program is consistent with CBU’s commitment to “Indigenize the L’nu way.”


Inspiring teaching and student learning by integrating more fully into university life those who teach part-time and other community contributors to the learning environment

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Inspiring teaching and student learning by developing a comprehensive approach to student advising, mentorship, communication, and support across all years of students’ university studies

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Inspiring teaching and student learning by cultivating experiential learning opportunities for all students both inside and outside the classroom

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Inspiring teaching and student learning by improving teaching, learning, and common spaces in a holistic and deliberate manner

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