Snapshot Thesis Archive

Cape Breton University’s Thesis/Major Project SnapShot event provides a platform for CBU students to present key aspects of their research to a live audience.

2017 SnapShot Presentations

Playing Naturally: A Cape Breton Naturalized Playground Case Study

Catalina Belalcazar, BACS, Major in Political Science, Environment, and Communication (Supervisor: Dr. Bettina Callary)

Tree specific effects of canopy passage on acidity and electrical conductivity of rainwater

Emily Bennett, BSc. Honours Biology (Supervisor: Dr. Thomas Bouman)

Investigation into the effects of salmon hydrolysate enhanced biochar on the growth of barley

Amanda Cameron, BSc Honours Chemistry (Supervisor: Dr. Stephanie MacQuarrie)

Examining a Coaches Actions in Developing Masters Athletes

Chelsea Currie, BSc and SPAL (Supervisor: Dr. Bettina Callary)

My Glace Bay

Theresa MacAdam, BACS (Supervisor: Dr. Bettina Callary)

How training climate influences learning facilitation among Masters and youth athletes

Justin MacLellan, BSc. Biology, MA Human Kinetics (Supervisor: Dr. Bettina Callary)

The shift from “I want to be skinny” to “I want to be healthy”

Kerri Marshall, BACS, Major in Psychology (Supervisor: Dr. Bettina Callary)

Cy McLean: A Time for Change

Wade Pfaff, BA Honors Anthropology (Supervisor: Dr. Graham Reynolds)

Determination of the Activation Energy of an Iron Binding Polymer

Doug Richards, BSc Honours Chemistry (Dr. Matthias Bierenstiel)

An Evaluation of Positive Space Training and LGBTQ+ Inclusivity at Cape Breton University

Kirstie Taylor, BA Psychology (Supervisor: Dr. Heather Schmidt)

Synthesis and Characterization of Biocarbons for use as Chiral Stationary Phases in Enantioselective Chromatography

Matt Tobin, BSc Honours Chemistry (Supervisor: Dr. Stephanie MacQuarrie)

Coupling of antibody Fc region to DNA aptamer

Lorena Ucciferri, BSc Honours Chemistry (Supervisor: Dr. Xu Zhang)

2016 Presentations

Meaningful Life Moments Are Ambivalent Emotionally

Esther Abel

The Importance of the Existence of Solutions to Mathematical Equations

Yurij Salmaniw

Interacting Personality Traits and Communication

Emily MacKay


Becky Hooper

The Restorative Power of Nature

Erika Simmons

Awareness of Mental Health Services at CBU

Tess Carrigan

Metaphorical Renovations in Plant Science

Elizabeth Jessome

Mindfulness and Older Adults

Jenna Redden

2015 Presentations

A Guided Mindfulness Intervention Program on Stress and Quality of Life

Shaya MacDonald – BA Psychology student (Honours)

Local Food Procurement

Molly Dunbar – MBA student

Funding Community Resilience and Self-Reliance: Case Study of Community Investing in Nova Scotia

Bridget Horel – MBA student

Cultural Changes Among East European Jewish Immigrants to Cape Breton, 1880-1920

Cyril McDonald – BA History & Folklore student

Perceptions of Health: A Grounded Theory Approach

Christina Ferguson – BSc Psychology student

Characterizing Patterns of Voltage Gated Sodium Channels Along the Electric Organ of the Weakly Electric Fish, Brachyhypopomus guaderio

Caitlin Bennett – BSc Biology student