Undergraduate Student Scholar Awards

The next call for student applications will be issued in November 2024.

In 2022, CBU launched a program to engage students in faculty research projects. The Undergraduate Student Scholar Awards (USSA) are presented to CBU students working on a research project under the supervision of a CBU faculty researcher, supporting the study with 100 hours of service to the projects. Students receive a $2000 award for their service, along with invaluable experience in research.  

Quick Facts: USSA 

  • Call issued once per year, typically in the fall with a January start date
  • Students work with a faculty member on their research project 
  • Students receive $2000 for their service 

Up to 20 USSAS will be awarded to students working with CBU researchers, through a competitive process, on projects affiliated with one or more of CBU’s Collaborative Research Networks:

  • Culture and Community
  • Ecology, Environment & Sustainability
  • Indigenous Wellness & L’nu Research
  • Community Economies & Ecologies
  • Sustainable Health & Wellness
  • Research in Science & Engineering

Student Eligibility Requirements:

  • Completion of at least two terms of an undergraduate program.
  • Full-time student during the academic term at the time of application.
  • Academic achievement of at least a B- Average in the previous two terms.

Application process:

The application package must include letter of application and a transcript of grades for the previous two terms. The letter of application will be created with a faculty supervisor, responding to the following:

  • Identify the research topic and the faculty researcher’s broad program and interests.
  • Describe how the research project is linked to one or more of the Collaborative Research Networks identified in CBU’s Strategic Research Plan.
  • Detail how the student will provide assistance that supports the supervisor’s research program.
  • Include what training and mentorship support the supervisor will provide for the student.

Here’s what some former USSA recipients say about the program:  

“The USSA experience was one for the books. This whole experience allowed me to grow and explore another side of being a university student. I was able to prove to myself that I can accomplish great things and contribute to the research community.”

“This project has provided me with a unique opportunity to meaningfully develop my research, communication, and project management skills through experiential learning, as well as the opportunity to work with others and build community relationships.”

“This process has taught me many valuable lessons not only in the aspect of working in a lab/research environment but also in working with people, problem solving and critical thinking.”