Meet Zabrina Downton, the Incoming Coordinator of the CBUSU Pride & Ally Centre

Cape Breton, NS

Pride & Ally CentreIn September, fourth-year student Zabrina Downton will begin her new role as the Coordinator of the CBU Students’ Union Pride & Ally Centre.
Zabrina, who is completing an honours degree in Anthropology/Sociology, transferred to CBU from the University of Regina in 2016 and has been loving it here ever since. For the past two years, Zabrina has worked as an administrative assistant in the Students’ Union, and it was through that role that she became aware of the Pride & Ally Centre.
“I am incredibly excited to take on the role of Pride & Ally Centre Coordinator,” says Zabrina who is most looking forward to leading the Centre in a new direction by focusing on community building and visibility, as well as advocacy and education.
The Pride & Ally Centre, located in the Students’ Union building at CBU, is a great resource for students here on campus, and exists to provide a safe and positive environment for members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies.
Zabrina is incredibly happy with the work that has been done in the Centre, from free and anonymous HIV testing, to safe sex workshops and more. During the upcoming year Zabrina hopes to foster a sense of community that is sustainable and long-lasting for years to come. To make this a reality, Zabrina plans on making the Pride & Ally Centre a more visible space by increasing awareness campaigns, volunteer recruitment and open events.
“Community is so important for everyone, but in particular for LGBTQ+ folks who might feel a lack of community and/or acceptance in our wider society,” says Zabrina. “Within this community we can empower each other through education and the sharing of diverse experiences.” By making the Centre a visible and welcoming space, Zabrina hopes to create an environment that is welcoming and supportive to all, free from judgement.