CBU Co-Op Student Sails to Success at the Canadian Coast Guard College: Fallon Jetha

Cape Breton, NS

Fallon Jetha, a fourth-year Bachelor of Business Administration student at CBU, is putting her skills to work this semester in her co-op position with one of CBU’s partners the Canadian Coast Guard College (CCGC). Fallon, who is originally from Burlington Ontario, transferred to CBU to complete her degree and was immediately drawn to the Co-op program which allows students to discover their passion through a combination of classroom studies and work experience.

When Fallon heard that the CCGC was offering a Co-op position in their Marketing department, she was eager to apply. “There were so many great options, but I saw this one and knew I had to try my best to get it,” says Fallon.

Once hired, Fallon hit the ground running in her position and is now working in a job that both challenges her and allows her to apply the skills she has developed throughout her program. After demonstrating her work ethic in her role as an intern, Fallon is hoping to secure a position in the CCGC’s Marketing Department following her graduation from CBU.

“I strongly recommend that students partake in the co-op opportunities offered at CBU. Your degree has a lot of worth, but a degree with a co-op has even more,” says Fallon. The Co-op program at CBU provides students with the opportunity to broaden their network, gain hands-on experience in a field they are interested in and return to their studies with added confidence and knowledge.

During her time at the CCGC, Fallon says she has learned so much about the institution and what students gain from studying there. “There is so much to this hidden gem that locals aren’t aware of,” says Fallon, “the Coast Guard College will lead you down an incredible career path.”
Fallon, who transferred to CBU from a larger institution, says the experience at CBU is very different from other universities. “You can actually build relationships with your amazing professors and the resources are high quality,” says Fallon.

Fallon says she is thankful for the connections that CBU has allowed her to make at the CCGC and enjoys working with people who share the mandate to protect Canada’s oceans. Because of her Co-op experience, Fallon has gained on-the-job experience and is excited for the next steps in her journey.

The CCGC and CBU have developed a unique partnership and together, offer a four-year Bachelor of Technology in Nautical Science. The degree is undertaken at the CCGC and conferred at CBU so that graduates receive both a university degree and a Commercial Certification as a Ship’s Officer.