Cape Breton University to Close Artist in Residence Series with Indigenous Focused Event

On Saturday, April 17, 2021, Cape Breton University will host the final event in the 2021 Artist in Residence Series with playwright Daniel MacIvor. The event, Listening – Bridging Indigenous and Settler Dramaturgy, will feature a talking circle facilitated by Stephen Augustine, CBU Associate Vice President, Indigenous Initiatives and Unama’ki College. The conversation will be live streamed on YouTube at 5:00pm, and the recording will remain available for viewers who are unable to tune in live.

“During the talking circle, there are numerous questions to consider and address,” says MacIvor, who became CBU’s newest artist in residence this January. “How do we take what is best about contemporary Canadian theatre creation and work toward honouring ancient practices grown from Indigenous Knowledge? What are the challenges when the settler goal-based achievement narrative meets the woven stories of Indigenous land-based dramaturgy?”

MacIvor and Augustine will be joined by Anishinaabe-Ashkenazi theatre practitioner and researcher, Jill Carter; dramaturg, foley artist and educator, Paula Danckert; theatre theorist, director and curator of the Chief Poundmaker Museum, Floyd P. Favel; and theatre maker Zach Running Coyote; each of whom will bring a unique perspective to the discussion.

Carter, who works with many members of Tkaron:to’s Indigenous theatre community, says “Much work remains to be done if this nation’s theatres are to realize themselves as authentically shared public mechanisms within which a collective dismantling of colonial structures might be imagined and presented.”

Director of the Boardmore Theatre, Todd Hiscock, says the theatre is proud to support initiatives such as this, which explore the blending of Indigenous and settler dramaturgy. “As we use creativity as a means to help Indigenize the academy, we are working with theatre scholars and practitioners from across Canada to weave together best practices in pursuit of improved knowledge and awareness,” he says.

The Artist in Residence Program is part of ongoing efforts to increase the creative arts at CBU.